The Woman Ocean Shipping Promise & Guarantee

Our Promise to you is simple:

We work to deliver your order as quickly as possible. 

Our Guarantee is simple, too:

For USA orders, we guarantee you'll receive it within 30 days.

Based on many, many thousands of orders, here are the typical shipping times you can expect:

Your Location Estimated Shipping Time
United States 10-25 days
Canada, Europe, Middle East 20-35 days
Australia, New Zealand 20-45 days 
Mexico, Central America, South America 20-60 days

95% or more of orders will fall into these timelines. And many of them will arrive on the faster side. 

But please note: 

These timelines may be affected by holidays, weather conditions, your country's customs department, or other reasons. 

How Your Shipping Works

In some cases, your order may ship from an international warehouse or production facility. 

This is especially relevant for our most popular items, which sell at extremely high volumes. As it turns out, shipping to you directly from our production location is both the fastest AND most affordable option. 

How? Because we utilize special agreements many country's postal departments have with each other. 

Plus, these agreements let you track your order from its birthplace all the way to your doorstep. So not only do you get your order as quickly and affordably as possible... you also get to watch complex international logistics in action. Which is neat, if you're into that sort of thing.

How to Track Your Order

In the event your shipment does originate from an international location, the tracking may initially work differently from what you're used to.

1. In some cases, it may take a few days for the tracking number to start properly updating on the USPS site. 
Why? Because while USPS has agreements with many international carriers, they still don't always receive the tracking updates as smoothly as you might like. Especially when your order is passing through customs.
So don't be concerned if USPS gives you a vague or uncommon status. The shipment is definitely on its way. And know that we actively monitor all shipments' progress to ensure everything is progressing properly. (More on that below.)
2. If you REALLY want to track your order during the first few days, it may make sense to use via a more globally-oriented tracking site. 
Here are the global tracking sites we recommend: or
They serve a global audience, so they're a tad wonky. But they often provide more info than USPS during the first phase of your shipment. 
And then after that you can always switch back to  USPS or  Fedex (depending on item) to track its progress as normal.
We Actively Monitor Your Shipment To Make Sure You'll Receive It As Promised & Guaranteed
Because we ship so many thousands of orders, we've built a team dedicated to ensuring your shipment arrives smoothly. 
They make sure your order is processed, packed, and shipped on time... and then they also make sure the delivery companies fulfill their end of the bargain, too. 
For 99% of orders, everything works smoothly and this team isn't needed. 
But in the less-than-1% of instances they notice a delivery problem (or even a potential problem), they immediately work to fix it. 
Of those rare problems, most are fixed behind the scenes before you ever notice them. 

And because of this, true disruptions are rare. 

This is another way we work to provide you the most enjoyable shopping experience possible.
Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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